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Hi Nancy,
I just wanted to touch base with you and give an update on Lola. She is doing fantastic! She absolutely loves us as much as we do her. Lola has progressed extremely quickly with her training both inside and out. She fetches like a champ, swims like a pro and does many tricks too. My husband Pete has taken her out hunting with him and she hasn't shied away from the gunshots yet. She actually did her first pond retrieve of a duck on the weekend, we are so proud.

Hi Nancy
We just wanted to send you an e-mail telling you how well Odin has been doing these last few days and thanking you for your hard work preparing him for his new home. Odin is quite likely the most well adjusted puppy either of has ever come across. He walks on the leash like a pro, is happy to meet and greet people when out for a walk and absolutely loves to help out at the barn and best of all he goes quietly to sleep as soon as we put him into his crate or the back seat of the truck. In fact he loves the truck so much, sometimes it's a challenge to persuade him that it's time to leave it. Around other dogs he is an absolute delight and can play for hours, we have posted some pictures of Odin playing with Lisa’s brothers dog on Facebook. Other favourites of his are running and nose diving into his bed as soon he comes through the door, as well as practicing his sit, down, leave it and go to your place. All around he is an amazing pup. We also had his first vet check yesterday which he passed with flying colours. Anyhow thank you again for giving us our perfect little puppy, and for all your hard work making him so well adjusted.
Sincerely Youssef and Lisa

Hello Nancy,
How are you? It has been a number of months now since we've first picked up Klaus from your farm so we thought we'd share with you somewhat of an update in regards to the little fella's progress. Most importantly he's healthy as a horse and well on his way to being the size of one(at six months over 60 pounds). Thanks to your initial care and instruction he adjusted to the house with ease and due to your introduction of crate training it has been an effortless transition. Despite the fact we believe Klaus is one the most handsome dogs we have ever laid our eyes on, his demeanor is even more impressive. He is exceptionally calm, loving, intelligent and sociable with other dogs as well as humans. Everyone who meets him is curious as to his breed and to his apparent attributes and qualities which are evident immediately. Having said all this there is one point I can't stress enough, Jen and myselfare most impressed with your personal approach to your craft (and we have dealt with other breeders in the past), not only did you make the experience pleasant, memorable and comfortable but your traits and values are beyond a doubt instilled in your magnificent puppies.
Thank you for Klaus,Paul & Jen

Hi Nancy,
We just wanted to give you an update on Leo (red) since we`ve picked him up from you two months ago. He is an extremely happy, healthy and CALM puppy! I`ve never seen such a calm puppy in my life. He listens really well and he is so smart...he already knows how to sit, paw, down, stay and up and he is starting to understand the concept of fetching. He already weighs 33 pounds so I think he will be a big adult. He is extremely sociable with people and dogs and he comes with me to work everyday (we`re very lucky). Anyways, we love him to death and just wanted to send you some news and some photos of the little guy. Take care and happy holidays!
Emilie, Jonathan and Leo